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The GLSA Committee is a group of parent volunteers who organise fun events and activities for the children and parents. We rely heavily on help and support from parents at the school. If you are interested in taking an active role, please contact us for more information. We are always open to new suggestions for our next project and any event/fundraising ideas. We hold three children’s discos a year, a Summer and Christmas Fair, shopping events, quiz nights and other small events. We are currently raising money to buy lots of exciting new outdoor play equipment for the children to enjoy.


Without parents helping or being a part of the committee, we cannot run our events. If you are interested in helping at GLSA events in the future please sign up here. This does commit you to helping but rather means we will contact you when we need assistance. We will make sure you get instructions if you are a first time helper! Pair with a friend or another parent from your class if you don’t want to help by yourself.


You can contact the GLSA in a number of ways. Find a committee member (list below) in the playground, leave a message at the staff room, Connect in the Green Lanes Mums facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

GLSA Committee Members 2017-2018

Mr Stuart Thornhill – Chair

Miss Heather Bottomley – Vice Chair

Mr Andy Noble – Co-Treasurer

Mrs Eileen Noble – Co-Treasurer

Mrs Elizabeth Grigg – Secretary

Mrs Kathryn Jeffrey – Member

Mr Ian Kirby – Member

Mrs Caroline Lindars – Member

Mrs Suzanne Marshall – Member

Mrs Nikki Roberts – Member

Mr David Roberts – Member

Mrs Gill Taylor – Member

Mrs Emma Harth – Member

Mrs Tafline Williams – Member

Mrs Sarah Wynne – Member

Ms Karen Ware – Member

Mrs Jessica Morris – Member

Mrs Jenny Hanna – Member

Mr Allan Turkington – Member

Mrs Georgina Whitehead – Member

Mrs Jenny Lomas – Member

Mr Tom Chaney – Member