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Headteacher Ms M Johnson
Deputy Head Miss C Gibbins

Teachers and Teaching Assistants (Sept 17-Aug 18)

Year Group Class Name Teacher Teaching Assistants
Foundation Stage Riley Mrs S Badger Mrs J Elbourne
Miss L Phillips
Mrs M Printer
Mrs P Agarwala
Foundation Stage Matisse Ms K Platt Mrs L Long
Miss C Thompson
Mrs Printer
Year 1 Morris Mrs K Roche Mrs L Lacey
Year 1 Turner Miss M Jepson Mrs P O’Brien
Year 2 Mondrian Mrs N Crosby Mrs L Seggie
Year 2 Rousseau Miss C Bourne Mrs J Richards
Mrs P Agarwala (LSA)
Year 3 Monet Mrs N Cramphorn Miss F Clark
Year 3 Moore Mrs C Hoy Mrs H Anderson
Year 4 Picasso Miss H Ellis Mrs C Porter
Year 4 Van Gogh Mr S Brown Mrs S Gowing
Year 5 Hockney Miss H Bowman Mrs A Holloway
Year 5 Sanchez Mrs K Coulshed Mrs L Toms
Year 6 Da Vinci Mrs O’Connor Mrs J Courtney
Year 6 Kandinsky Mrs A Looney Mrs T Shephard

 One to One / PPA Support / Maternity Leave (Sept 17-Aug 18)

Mrs C Ferris Teacher PPA Support – Year 1 and 2
Mrs H Tookey Teacher PPA Support – Year 2 and 3
Miss J West Teacher PPA Support – supply cover
Mrs V Penn Teacher PPA Support – supply cover
Mrs J Groenewald Teacher PPA Support – Foundation Stage
Mrs H Forbes Teacher PPA support – Year 5 and 6
Mrs N Breakwell Teaching Assistant Currently on Maternity Leave

 SEN Team / Learning Support Assistants (Sept 17-Aug 18)

Mrs E Marshall SENCO Lead
Mrs B Hearnden INCO Team Lead
Mrs M Panter Pastoral Lead
Mrs C Wiedenstriet LSA
Mrs K Bowe LSA – currently on maternity leave
Mrs L Patel LSA
Miss A Buchanan Casual LSA
Mrs L Stevens Casual LSA

Other Staff (Sept 17-Aug 18)

Mrs K Gale Office Manager
Mrs T Harcombe Secretary
Mrs B Chauhan Admin Assistant
Mr D Ondic Caretaker
Mr D Moore Assistant Caretaker
Mrs L Toms Librarian

MSA /Cleaners (Sept 17-Aug 18)

Mrs L Toms Lead MSA KS2
Mrs J Courtney Lead MSA KS1
Mrs D Stewart MSA
Miss T Annette-Laing MSA
Mrs C Johnston MSA
Mrs H Anderson MSA
Mrs F Hussain MSA
Mrs Z Mitchell MSA
Mrs J Ullah MSA
Mrs J Tifrea MSA / Casual Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Islam MSA / Casual Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Patel MSA / Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Stevens MSA / Casual Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Roberts MSA
Miss A Johnston Casual Cleaner
Mrs M Abdagire Casual MSA