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Vision & Aims


To create a learning experience in which every child will achieve and realise their full potential. At Green Lanes we create caring, confident and committed learners for life.

Green Lanes Primary School is a school community where there is a strong partnership between the Governors, Headteacher, staff, parents and pupils.


Our aims are set to help our children become competent, confident learners who take pleasure and pride in their learning achievements. These are as follows:-

  • To become independent learners, who can recognise their achievements and build on these
  • To be resilient learners
  • Develop lively, imaginative and enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks
  • Read fluently and accurately with understanding, enjoyment, feeling and discrimination
  • Communicate clearly and confidently in speech and writing in ways appropriate for various occasions and purposes
  • Listen attentively and with understanding
  • Learn how to acquire information from various sources and to record information and findings in various ways
  • Understand and apply mathematical skills and ideas appropriately, accurately and confidently

Our school provides a well planned, productive and stimulating learning environment where all participants feel welcomed and valued.

We have an atmosphere and ethos which encourages a real commitment to learning and where good standards of effort and behaviour are not only expected but also achieved.

We value the support provided by our parents in helping us continue to meet these objectives and are confident that this partnership can provide an education that will equip children for the future.

Ms M Johnson