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Year 5 Hockney


Welcome to Hockney Class! Our teacher is Miss Bowman and our teaching assistant is Mrs Holloway. In our class we always try our best and learn through having as much fun as possible!
Miss Bowman really likes teaching us in different ways. Sometimes we learn through acting, singing, art, writing and investigations both indoors and outdoors!
In the Autumn Term our topic is ‘The Vikings!’ We get to learn lots of Viking Stories through songs, find out about how Vikings lived, write our own Viking Saga’s, find out how England changed throughout the Viking times and make our own water tight longboat!
Our other topic for this term is Space, where we get to learn about scientific theorists through time and listen ‘The Planets’ by Holst, and cooking, where we make our own Pizza’s.
In the Spring Term our topic is ‘The Ancient Greeks!’ We have lots of fun dressing like Greeks, eating Greek food, learning Greek dances and learning all about Greek myths and legends. We even make our own Greek Temples!
We also learn how to code and create our own video games by visiting Onslow Secondary School! Another favourite time is exploring forces and materials out in our school’s wildwood!
The Summer Term is a busy one! We love sports day, country dancing and preparing our classrooms for our schools ‘Green Lanes is Great’ evening. Our main topic during this term is Rivers and Mountains – we get to pond dip and explore local landscapes to identify human and physical Geographical features.  One of our favourite parts of this term is our Y5/6 production! We love singing and acting out the songs!


Trip to Pizza Express 19th September 2017

Year 5 Hockney enjoyed a visit to Welwyn Garden City Pizza Express and had the opportunity to make and take home a margarita pizza! They also got to taste some of the ingredients (olives, cheese and tomatoes).

Thank you postcards to Pizza Express Welwyn Garden City