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Sports News

Green Lanes has worked hard to achieve the Bronze School Games Mark Award over the year 2015/16. Systems were put in place to track children’s involvement in extra curricular sporting activities, identifying that 83% of KS2 were involved in additional sport. These sports included mixed and single sex activities, both competitive and friendly events, at intra level (within school) and inter level (competing against other schools). The sports team has fed back to the school community about recent sporting events and results, via the school sports board, newsletter and website. Children have been given increasing opportunities to take part in a range of sports, some of which they have never tried before. The Award has also guided us to further improve sporting opportunities and develop stronger links with clubs and coaches. Therefore, we now provide clubs for Lacrosse and Basketball, led by local coaches, and have also started a girls’ football team, to increase girls’ participation in football. We have also introduced a Year 3 & 4 Netball Club, to embed the foundations of netball, prior to participating in the Year 5 & 6 league. The school has also offered specific support to talented young sports pupils, to develop their sporting potential.

Furthermore, sports leaders have been implemented to lead and inspire younger pupils to participate in school. We aim for their presence and impact in the school to increase in the coming year, and hope to achieve the Award again in 2016/17.kite-mark


Year 2 Kick Rounders 3rd Place

Year 2 Kick Rounders Winners!

District Sports Champions – 3rd time running – breaking Green Lanes records!

Turbo Cricket Family Friendly – Winners!

Year 6 Leaders organising the KS1 intrahouse morning

TAP Project – Multi-Sports Afternoon

Year 3 Football Tournament Champions!

Ash House Captains – Sports Day Winners

Year 4 Summer Games Day – Winning Team

Year 4 Summer Games Day

Lacrosse County Final Team

Y4 Tri Golf Winners – through to Herts County Finals!

Y4 Tri Golf Team – 2nd Place!

Tennis tournament – 12th May 2017

KS1 Gymnastics Team 2nd Place! KS2 Gymnastics Team Winners!

Year 3 & 4 Mini Red Tennis Tournament – winners and runners up!

Year 3 & 4 Intra House Competition – Netball and Tag Rugby! Winners Oak House


Lacrosse Workshops with Welwyn Warriors

Year 5 & 6 Football Tournament – 2nd place out of 17! 29th March 2017

See Sports Newsletter for report

Year 5 & 6 Netball Tournament – Semi Finalists! 29th March 2017

See Sports Newsletter for report

Girls’ Indoor Athletics Team at County Finals – 4th best in Hertfordshire! 21st March 2017

See Sports Newsletter for report


South Herts Lacrosse Tournament Winners – 17th March 2017

See Sports Newsletter for report

Turbo Cricket Team at County Finals – 15th March 2017

See Sports Newsletter for report

Dance Team Performing at County Dance Festival – 15th March 2017

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Netball Match – 8th March 2017

See Sports Newsletter for report

Tag Rugby Tournament – 7th March 2017

Year 4 Bisi Badminton Festival – 1st March 2017

The Girls’ Indoor Athletics Team – Gold Medallists and through to County Championships – 2nd February 2017

Please see Sports Newsletter for report.

The Boys’ Indoor Athletics Team – Bronze Medallists – 2nd February 2017

Please see Sports Newsletter for report.

Winning Turbo Cricket Team – 19th January 2017

Please see Sports Newsletter for report.

Year 5 Judo Lesson PE


Winners of Indoor Athletics Competition – 14th December 2016

Please see Sports Newsletter for report.


Football League Match v De Havilland – 11th November 2016

A Year 5 and 6 football team played the first league match for Green Lanes last week. The season is already in full swing, with most other schools having played several matches already, however, due to our busy schedule at Green Lanes, with parent consultations and PGL, this is the first week we’ve been able to play!

They were playing De Havilland, last year’s winners of the tournaments, cup and league! However, the team approached the match with a positive attitude, focusing on themselves and what they needed to do in the game. The first half was fantastic; the boys defended brilliantly, and had a few chances but were unable to score. The teams seemed evenly matched, and it was set to be a good game.

The second half got off to a bad start, as a Green Lanes player was injured, and De Havilland took the opportunity to score. Nevertheless, Green Lanes got back into the game with their heads high. Aloaye continued to sweep up defensively, and Sidney and Ben tried to break through De Havilland’s defence, however, it wasn’t quite enough to score. De Havilland went on to win the game.

After the match, the boys were asked what they had learned, and they spoke of some valuable lessons. We hope with experience and continued practice, the team keep their heads held high for the next match. The team was made up of talented players who made Green Lanes very proud. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

Players: Harry L, Thomas T, Rothan P, Denis G, Aloaye M, Ryan F (c), Jaden P, Ben P, Sidney M.

MOTM: Denis G



Basketball Tournament – 10th November 2016

A team of Year 5 and 6 children entered a basketball tournament last week at Onslow School. The children have been enjoying basketball club, and were excited for the chance to play competitively.

The children worked well as a team, and offered support and encouragement to each other throughout the afternoon. Jasmin M demonstrated fantastic shooting skills, and also worked hard on the court to defend. Jaiden P had brilliant dribbling skills, and covered a lot of ground when attacking up the court. Denis showed great defensive skills, with superb interceptions of the ball.

However, the team were unable to score more than their opponents, and unfortunately do not progress to the next round. Nevertheless, a fun afternoon was had by all. The children left smiling, and had all learnt something from their time at the tournament.

The children have not had much game experience in the basketball club yet, so well done for giving your all at the tournament!

Players: Anaya C, Hayden C, Kiki E, Denis G, Lola J, Jasmin M, Jaiden P, Tillie S, Devyanshu S, Alastair Y.


Tag Rugby Festival at Welwyn Rugby Club – 20th October 2016

Ten children from Year 6 attended a Tag Rugby Festival at Welwyn Rugby Club. Due to new RFU England rules released this Autumn, children are no longer allowed to play competitive rugby until secondary school. Therefore, the children participated in a festival, where all teams played an equal number of matches, and there was not an overall winner.

The children were excited to play, and enjoyed watching some of the other matches. Green Lanes got off to a great start, winning their first game with fantastic defending to ensure they did not concede any points, and won 4 – 0.

The next two games saw another two wins, 3-1 and 2-1, with fantastic trys scored by Jaden, Chrissy, Amelie, Harry and Bella. The team narrowly lost the last game 3-2, but showed great sportsmanship throughout, and were resilient defenders during a tough game.

Overall, the children enjoyed it, and gained brilliant rugby experience for future friendly matches. A fun afternoon with great team spirit. Well done!

Players: Jaden P, Jason H, Rothan P, Noah L, Harry L, Jasmin M, Tillie S, Chrissy W, Bella C, Amelie W.


Table Tennis Tournament – 17th October 2016

Eight children from Year 6 attended a friendly Table Tennis Tournament against Oak View.

The children were enthusiastic and raring to go as we arrived at Onslow, the host of the tournament.

Mr Willis, Green Lanes’ leader at Onslow St. Audrey’s, organised a few warm up games, before the doubles matches commenced. The children first played in boys doubles and girls doubles. These 8 matches brought home 8 wins for Green Lanes! Josh E and Thomas T worked well as a pair, and Devyanshu S demonstrated some great smash shots!

The next round of matches were mixed doubles. Here, Jaiden P and Jasmin M worked together with fine skill to win a match 11-0! These 12 mixed matches involving the 8 Green Lanes children led to yet another 12 wins! Green Lanes left the tournament with a 100% winning record, winning 20 out of 20 games!

The children were graceful winners, and very proud of their achievements. Green Lanes have a larger table tennis tournament coming up very soon, so keep practising! Well done!

Players: Jasmin M, Jaiden P, Freya N, Devyanshu S, Chrissy W, Thomas T, Laura P, Joshua E.



Girls Football Tournament – 13th October 2016

Two teams of Year 4, 5 and 6 girls attended De Havilland School for a girls’ football tournament to celebrate ‘This Girl Can’ week. Only two of the twelve girls had previously played competitive football for Green Lanes, meaning most of the team were new to competitive games. The girls have been enthusiastically attending the girls only football club, however, most are new to the sport and have only been playing for the last 4 weeks. They eagerly arrived at the tournament, and were proud to be representing Green Lanes.

The girls were playing mostly Year 6s, and the standard was high, however the two teams kept their heads held high in some tough matches. Although the girls didn’t make the semi-finals, their skills and confidence improved throughout the tournament. They showed better attacking skills and spatial awareness with every game they played. Special mention goes to Olivia T and Erin M who both made some brilliant saves in goal, as well as Emma P and Tillie S, who were fantastic defenders.

Now the girls have had some competitive experience, we hope this inspires them to keep working hard in the club until another match. Well done girls!

Players: Bella C, Sophia C, Faith H, Tillie S, Lola J, Olivia T, Lily T, Emma P, Katie S, Erin M, Emily C, Evie G.


Year 5 and 6 Football Tournament – 8th October 2016

A group of Year 5 and 6 boys attended the pre-season tournament at De Havilland School on Saturday 8th October. The tournament is now in its 20th year, and all 8 teams brought great talent, passion and enthusiasm to the first fixture of the school year.

It’s the first time that the boys had played together as a team, and many were making their debut to represent Green Lanes. Unluckily, they lost the first match 1-0 against Countess Anne, but came back strong with a 2-0 win over De Havilland Blues. Goals from Ben P and Jaden P ensured the win. The third match of the group stages was a must win game in order to progress to the semi-finals. The boys fought hard, with fantastic attacking opportunities throughout the game. Green Lanes had countless chances, but were unable to get the goal for the first 9 minutes of the 10 minute match. In the last minute of the game, Sidney M confirmed the win, and the team moved on to the semi-finals.

Green Lanes faced De Havilland’s A team in the semi-finals, a familiar opponent for Green Lanes in tournaments and cups! De Havilland were strong, and had some good chances. Harry L (GK) tried his best efforts to save a chance but was unsuccessful, however, Aloaye’s amazing clearance from the line ensured we held off the goal. Unfortunately, De Havilland continued to attack strongly, and the game finished 2-0. Whilst Green Lanes were out at the semi-finals, De Havilland Yellows went on to win the tournament. Congratulations to them.

Overall, it was great to see the boys working together, not giving up and enjoying themselves. Well done for a great start to the football year! Go Green Lanes!

Players: Harry L, Noah L, Aloaye M, Rothan, Ryan F, George F, Jaden P, Sidney M, Ben P.


Year 5 One Mile Run – 4th October 2016

Six boys from Year 5 represented Green Lanes in a One Mile Run at Onslow St Audrey’s School. The children were well equipped after attending Run A Mile Club last term, and were raring to go. Some had not represented the school in a sporting event before, and were very excited. With 5 schools attending this event, there were many competitors to beat. They all ran their best and didn’t give up, showing great resilience and a good sporting attitude.

Congratulations to Aloaye M who placed 3rd, Will C who placed 6th and Josh J who placed 10th. These runners will progress on to the next round at Stanborough Lakes, competing against other runners from schools across Welwyn and Hatfield. Kerim N, George F and Sam J narrowly missed out on a place in the top 10, but are reserves for the next round. All the boys thoroughly enjoyed it, and their behaviour was a credit to Green Lanes. Well done boys!