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Eco Council

At Green Lanes, we take looking after our school, local community and planet seriously. We enjoy it and have a dedicated team of KS2 children, teachers and helpers who meet regularly and put their own ideas into action.

This half term (first half of Autumn Term) has been about looking at and celebrating the things that we, as a school, already do to help our school, community and planet and highlighting what we can start doing or do even better.

Our biggest aim is to become an accredited Eco-school!

So, what do we do really well?

We think that we keep our school litter free, clean and tidy

We use paper in any way we can so that we reduce the amount of paper we are throwing away. Teachers even print on both sides of the paper!

We try to turn the lights off when leaving a room when no one else is using it to save electricity

We walk to school when possible and record this using travel tracker

We have designed our own eco-code for all to see and use

What can we do better?

Remember to turn the computers, iPads and interactive screens off in the classrooms at break and lunch times to save even more energy

We can close doors and always turn taps off to save energy and water

We can recycle

We can reuse

We can create habitats for wildlife to live in within our school grounds

We can care and look after nature within our school grounds

We can use nature in our school grounds to learn from